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Physical & Virtual Classes:

  •  Live at various Melbourne, Australia locations and
  • on line classes to allow participants from overseas to also do & benefit


Be Certified Happy!

Various certifications offered including:

  •  ‘I’m Certified Happy’ Certification!
  • Happiness Ambassador &
  • Peace Ambassador Certification


Who Are Classes For:

  •  school age children to high school age groups to
  •  adults


Why Do It?

.  If you want to feel happier you can – discover practices & adventures in happiness – simple but powerful outcomes!

.  Discover the secrets that will create immediate, positive shifts in your life

.  Discover happy practices to shake off your daily stress for well-being, better health!

.  Enjoy better relationships at home & work!

.  Feel more radiant & alive

.  Increase your inner peace Ahhhh Yes!

.  Contribute to making a difference in your world & our world by being happier!

 .  It will be inspirational and fun!


For those who want to know more

Be Empowered…

with more inner happiness & more inner peace

It will create positive change in your life & for those you love.

You’ll discover the best version of you.
With Love and Gratitude

I invite you to join me & am excited to be sharing with you…  

it’s a great journey!

Mrs Claus xx


santa gifts to share with you

Yeh!   Welcome to Mrs Claus Classes!

Have you ever wondered why Santa is so jolly?
He knows the secrets to happiness & now I’m going to share them with you too. 

Discover happiness practices to make a difference in your world & our world
ultimately contributing to more happiness and peace in the world.

It’s never too early or too late to make a difference in your life or someone elses. 
Discover new habits to feel good, do good & make a difference. 

Santa’s insights are fun, enlightening and inspirational. 

I would love to share Santa’s insights and gently guide you
into the bright and happy world of Santa Claus. 

Santa the lover of children & all people.
A very jolly Happiness and Peace Ambassador. 

You Can become one too!

Yes you can be happier,

feel more alive,

have peace within 

& make a difference in your & our world! 







Mrs Claus happiness classes make a great gift for you & those you love too!





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