Mission – Make A Difference!


misionMrs Claus is passionate about her mission that is

“Dedicated to the Enhancement of Merriment & Happiness!”



–  sharing universal fun and happy insights from Christmas & Santa Claus

–  sharing core happiness principles to create more inner happiness which leads to more inner peace

–  share insights to live life from your heart – heart centered living –  the H’Art of Santa!

–  sharing why Fun and merriment is good for you… Plus teach practices so you can have more of it in your life too!


Mrs Claus believes it’s never to late to make a difference in your world, our world or someone elses!

Mrs Claus looks forward to being in service to you and is immensely grateful for the opportunity to do so and in the process looks forward sharing insights to make a difference in your world & ultimately in our world!


Mrs Claus:       …       Happiness / Peace Ambassador & Workshop Leader



Spread principles of fun, happiness and merriment.

Share insights to create inner happiness  =   inner peace  =  your contribution that makes a differenceit’s a compounding effect that raises your resonance (your energy) that ripples out into the world and culminates in a more joyful & more peaceful personal world & ultimately a more peaceful our world!  Mrs Claus & Santa’s main mission… bring more peace, love & happiness to the world!

Mrs Claus is the Australian representative for The International Santa Claus Peace Council
who are building the first global  peace village in the world with over 40 countries and villages together – a place that celebrates differences, cultures, all religions, people and leads the world in showing that we can live together in peace & joy.  More to be announced 2016…  A top initiative for world peace thanks to world visionary leader Muammer Karabulut, President, The International Santa Claus Peace Village Turkey.

Quotes by Mrs Claus:

“Inner happiness leads to inner peace = not only a happier life but a more happier & peaceful world”

After reciting the ‘Santa Claus Oath’ in the USA:
“700 plus Santa’s and Mrs Clauses holding hands… reciting… committing to help make the world a happier place… not a dry eye in the house – I’ll never for it… this is now my mission.”  Mrs Claus Australia

“Be truly present with whomever you are with especially the ones you love. Don’t take them for granted.  None of us may be blessed with another tomorrow.  The real present is being fully present.  Put down your mobile phone, turn off the television & look into the eyes of the one you are with.  Be fully present.  This is the gift of all gifts”

“Happiness principles give us the tools to be the change we seek.
Tools to transform not only your world but our world.”

“The real hope of peace in the world will come from people who discover peace within.”